The Finnish Cancer Registry regularly publishes tables on cancer incidence, mortality and prevelance, together with tabulations on cancer survival and screening activity statistics. The booklet pictured to the right is printed every second year, but the same tables (and many others) are updated twice a year and published on this website.

If needed, the Cancer Registry is able to produce special tables using variables such as the stage at diagnosis or morphology. Special tables for small-areas are also possible. Prior discussion with the chief medical officer Maarit Leinonen is needed both for reaching the optimal definition of ad hoc tables and data protection issues.

NORDCAN is a data base that provides data on incidence and mortality concerning 41 major cancer diseases in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. NORDCAN can be downloaded free of charge at A simplified web version of this tabulation tool opens up on page

International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO) has several different cancer databases (see and statistics from the USA can be found at

2008-2009; Theme: morphology specific data
2006-2007; Theme: predictions
2004-2005; Theme: maps