Cancer atlas of Northern Europe

This is a joint effort of researchers from 12 countries, coordinated in Finland and using Finnish smoothing method in mapping. Includes maps and other graphs on cancer incidence, mortality and mortality/incidence ratios based on data on small areas (7,145 municipalities) from 11 whole countries + West-Russia. In this population there were  5.7 million incident cancer cases and 3.8 million cancer deaths registered during the observation period of 10 years. The Atlas also includes descriptions of cancer registration in the participating countries and municipality-specific cancer rates.

The main observations were published as a printed book (69 pages), and a extended collection of  maps and other graphs on 30 cancers as a CD. Both of them can be ordered from Cancer Society of Finland ( The CD version also opens here.

Pukkala, E., Söderman, B., Okeanov, A, Storm, H., Rahu, M., Hakulinen, T., Becker, N., Stabenow, R., Bjarnadottir, K., Stengrevics, A., Gurevicius, R., Glattre, E., Zatonski, W., Men, T., Barlow, L.: Cancer atlas of Northern Europe. Cancer Society of Finland Publication No. 62, Helsinki 2001.

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