Tasks, personnel

Finnish Cancer Registry

The Finnish Cancer Registry is an institute for epidemiological and statistical cancer research, founded in 1952. There are  more than 20 permanent employees at the Registry, among them experts in medicine, epidemiology, statistics and information technology. In addition, there are a number of researchers working on  project-based  funding. 

The Cancer Society of Finland provides the basic funding for the Finnish Cancer Registry. The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has made a contract with the Cancer Society for the practical organisation of the registration activities (including mass screening registries) and partially funds the cancer register. Research projects are usually funded with grants from national and international sources.

All former directors of Finnish Cancer Registry in same photo (1974): from right to left Erkki Saxén (1952-1988), Lyly Teppo (1988-2001) and Timo Hakulinen (2001-2012). On the left Matti Hakama, director of Mass Screening Registry until 2004.