Finnish Cancer Registry


Finnish Cancer Registry has a Centre of Excelllence research team

Research of the Finnish Cancer Registry is a part of the top-level programme, as The Academy of Finland chose in June 15 Centres of Excellence in Research (CoE) 2012-2017 from different fields of science. One CoE is a research programme of cancer genetics, led by academy professor Lauri Aaltonen, University of Helsinki.

The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Cancer Genetics Research has several research teams: those led by academy professor Lauri Aaltonen, academy professor Jussi Taipale, research director Sampsa Hautaniemi and professor Veli Mäkinen from the University of Helsinki and a team specialising in cancer epidemiology, led by professor, director of statistics Eero Pukkala from the Finnish Cancer Registry.

Cancer genetics is crucial in cancer research. In Finland The Finnish Cancer Registry has unique and high-level quality data to support this research. The Finnish Cancer Registry has registered about one million cancer cases during its nearly 60 years of existence. This data can be linked to patients' birth and family records.

The Finnish Cancer Registry is a research institute maintained by the Cancer Society of Finland, specialising in statistics and cancer epidemiology. Its director is professor Timo Hakulinen. It has for decades developed research methods of linkage to other national  registries in Finland, aiming for the benefit of Finnish people. It has also developed methods to find out geographical and familial clusters of cancer.

The new CoE led by Lauri Aaltonen looks for characteristics of tumour genome which can help in preventing cancer or developing more effective treatments.

Cancer genetics is a research area dealing with huge amount of information. This is analysed by computers. The Finnish Cancer Registry has a dual role: it can find familial clusters and verify preliminary findings.