Finnish Cancer Registry


Interactive cancer statistics on the web

The Finnish Cancer Registry has developed, with the assistance of the Cancer Society of Finland and THL, an interactive cancer statistics application. Those with an interest in cancer in Finland can use the application to retrieve up-to-date statistical cancer information.

The new application can be found at It can be used to e.g. fetch counts on new cancer cases or cancer deaths, to inspect the numbers of persons alive with cancer, and to inspect cancer survival. Statistical information is available by cancer site, sex, and area as well as other categories. It is possible to draw simple graphs and maps in the application to illustrate the retrieved information, and the retrieved material can be downloaded for further inspection.

With the new web application the Finnish Cancer Registry strives to better serve the information needs of those with an interest in cancer, including citizens and experts. In the future also the statistics of the mass screening registry will be made available interactively.

Further information

Janne Pitkäniemi
Finnish Cancer Registry, Lead Statistician
Tel. +358 50 372 3335

Nea Malila
Director of the Finnish Cancer Registry
Tel. +358 50 305 5730