The Finnish Cancer Registry maintains a nation-wide database on all cancer cases in Finland going back to 1953. It is also an internationally active institute for statistical and epidemiological cancer research.

The Mass Screening Registry is a                             department of the Finnish Cancer Registry,  
and is responsible of planning and 
evaluating national cancer screening
programs in Finland.

Cancer facts in short

A brief overview of the incidence of cancer in Finland according to types of cancer. The catalogue includes all of the most common forms of cancer. Source: NORDCAN 

NB. The cancer selection tool below does not work correctly because of chances in the NORDCAN catalogue; this error will be fixed in January 2015.

Frequently asked statistics

The homepage of the Finnish Cancer Registry contains a comprehensive selection of the latest statistical data on cancer, but most data requirements can be answered by the selected basic data below.

Contact details

Finnish Cancer Registry
Institute for Statistical and Epidemiological Cancer Research

Unioninkatu 22
FI-00130 Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 135 331