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Patients and relatives

Being ill with cancer is a crisis that tests you and those close to you. It makes things easier to have reliable information about the disease.

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When you are diagnosed with cancer

It is a shock to find out that you have a serious illness. In this section you can read about issues to do with coping with cancer.
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The rights of the patients

Here you will find information on the rights of the patients in Finland and what kind of financial support you can get.
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Support of relatives and friends needed

Being ill you need the support of relatives and friends. There is also a possibility to discuss with an oncology nurse on the phone or chat in the internet.
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Palliative care and death

Palliative care is a continual form of treatment, conducted in a way that is sensitive to the dignity of a patient and significant to the quality of life of patients and their close-ones.

Palliative care options
Practical arrangements


The Finnish Cancer Organisations works in a totally unique way. It is a forum for every actor in comprehensive cancer control in Finland, bringing together scientists, clinicians, decision-makers, financial experts, volunteer helpers and patients.

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Anti-Smoking Campaigns

About 16% of Finnish women smoke during their pregnancy. Now it is time to encourage smoking mothers to quit. Even one ash baby is too many.



The Finnish Cancer Organisations issue various grants. This section can help you find the grant that best suits your needs.

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